12 December, 2011

some good news for Sony Bravia Engine and Samsung Galaxy S2

UPDATE3: more Bravia Engine screenshots marked with differences

UPDATE2: more screenshots here SGS2 Gallery3D with Sony Bravia Engine previews

UPDATE3: SGS2 Gallery Sony Bravia Engine demo

UPDATE: it now works with stock gallery IT WORKS!! Sony Bravia Engine and Samsung Galaxy S2 with stock Gallery3D

hi all,

after i mistakenly reported the Sony Bravia Engine worked with SGS2 before, i decided to test if the Bravia Engine can be used on Galaxy S2 myself from the beginning

after spending a whole day in dealing with the files and dependencies, i think i have found something finally and yielded the following results :

1 - the Gallery3D (SemcGallery3D.apk) from X10 works together with the stock one

2 - the library file is loaded after the SE Gallary is launced, and fuser shows the is being used by the SE Gallary

3 - the be_photo is loaded by the when a photo is selected in the SE Gallery. and if it is removed, reports an error

and finally, the outputs for two HD images found on the internet from stock Samsung Gallery3D.apk and SonyEricsson SemcGallery3D.apk with be_photo loaded, taken by screen capture

Samsung Gallery3D SonyEricsson Gallery3D
click here to view the original file
click here to view the original file

to be continued ... :D

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