05 January, 2012

Galaxy S2 I9100 Gallery Sony Bravia Engine demo

UPDATE4: Sony Bravia Engine for Samsung Galaxy S3 coming soon

UPDATE3: more Bravia Engine screenshots marked with differences

UPDATE2: SGS2 ICS 4.0.3 Sony Bravia Engine demo with wallpaper rendering available

UPDATE: now with wallpaper enhancements - SGS2 wallpaper Sony Bravia Engine demo

this is an incomplete but working demo for implementing Sony Bravia Engine in Gallery3D on Samsung Galaxy S2/Samsung Galaxy Note for Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread/Android 4.0.3 Ice-Cream Sandwich. once you have installed it, your existing Gallery3D WILL BE REPLACED by this demo. note that no performance or memory tweaks, stress tests, etc were performed in this demo, and bugs or force closes are expected but not observed so far

EDIT: the current version is incompatible with I9000 yet

i considered it a success based on the following facts and results:
- the library needed by the Sony Bravia Engine for converting images was loaded and being used by the gallery app
- the gallery app warned against missing libraries if they could not be accessed
- the be_photo file did played a role and the outputs were back to nornal (without the Bravia engine) if it was not accesssible
- the images were processed/converted by the engine during the image creation
- the outputs produced (screenshots captured) by the Samsung Gallery3D were identical to those produced by Sony Gallery installed on my device in terms of file sizes, checksums, etc
- the outputs produced by the Samsung Gallery3D alone without the Bravia engine were different in terms of file sizes, checksums, etc

i cannot, however, assure it is 100% ported for the reason that i do not own a SE device. but even i do, the outputs cannot be compared directly due to different resolutions, color engine, brightness used, etc


system requirements:
- gingerbread/ice-cream sandwich
- rooted
- CWM recovery
- built and tested on:
Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100- 2.3.6 - I9100XWKK5
Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 - 4.0.3 - I9100XXLP6
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 - 2.3.6 - N7000XXLC1
Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 - 4.0.3 - I9220ZCLP6

files to be copied to your phone:
- /system/app/Gallery3D.apk
- /system/etc/be_photo
- /system/lib/
- /system/lib/
- /system/lib/
- /system/lib/

backup your files first!!!
then, either:
1/. with CWM
- put the zip file in your sdcard
- reboot into recovery mode
- choose the zip file and select update
- reboot your phone

2/. with File Manager/Explorer/shell
- extract the zip file
- copy the system folder extracted from the zip to your /system (rw permission is required)

- NO EXTRA setting is required
- NO NEED to edit any prop file

turning on the Sony Bravia Engine:
- NO NEED to do anything, the engine will be turned on by default

tunning off the Sony Braiva Engine:
- you can only turn it off TEMPORARILY (*see below)

uninstalling the demo:
- the simpliest way is to overwrite the Gallery3D.apk with your previous version
- remove the files listed above if you want a complete uninstall but not a must

how to check the Sony Bravia Engine is loaded and running:
- create a new folder in your external sd card is suggested, eg /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/sbetest/, then copy an image file of your choice in that folder
- within that newly created folder, make a new copy of the image file you just copied there, and rename it by adding a tag 'BE-OFF' to the filename without quotes. now you will have two identical images here and read like eg, myimage1.jpg + myimage1BE-OFF.jpg, myimage2.jpg + myBE-OFFimage2.jpg, etc. the engine will ignore all files with the BE-OFF tag so a normal output will be produced instead
- if you created the new folder in your external sd card, go to Settings > Storage, and select Unmount SD card, followed by selecting Mount SD card again as to force a media rescan
- if you created the new folder elsewhere but not in your external sd card, perform a media scan either by running a third party app like 'Rescan Media', which can be found on the market
- start Gallery SBEDemo and you should see the new folder and files just created
- then,

1/. for normal users
- browser the two images and you should see the differences in sharpness, color, etc. if you do, then the Sony Bravia Engine should be running properly
- do a screen capture for the two images and save them. compare the two file sizes and they should be differ (beware of the zoom in/out buttons, etc and make sure they look identical when capturing the screenshots)

2/. for advanced users
I - by checking the pids
- get the pid of the gallery (media) by:
a) pidof
b) ps | grep media | grep -v grep
- get the pid that is using the lib file /system/lib/ after clicking an image in the gallery by:
fuser /system/lib/
- the pid returned from fuser should be equal to the pid of the gallery
II - by checking the file size and checksum of the files
- perform screen captures for both images
- compare the checksums and they should differ
III - by comparing the output produced by SonyEricsson's Gallery
- install SonyEricsson's Gallery and make sure it runs properly with the bravia engine
- perform screen captures for the images in both Gallery SBEDemo and SonyEricsson's Gallery
- compare the checksums and they should be identical
IV - by reading log file
- read the log by logcat and you should read messages like 'BE-OFF' tag or '### entering be 111' with tag MediaItemTexture

in order to prove it further, you can:
- click on an image without BE-OFF tag, press the home button and switch to another app or home, rename the /etc/be_photo, then press the home button to switch back to gallery again to see the differences, and a log will be printed and read like the following:
01-04 22:43:56.194: ERROR/BitmapConverterNative(1382): Failed to LoadParameters, Missing Parameter files ==========
- kill the gallery app and rename the /system/lib/, start gallery again and click on an image, you will get a force close because the required library file has been removed/renamed, and you will find a log message like:
01-04 22:48:34.964: WARN/dalvikvm(5192): Exception Ljava/lang/UnsatisfiedLinkError; thrown while initializing Lcom/sonyericsson/swiqi/BitmapConverter;
01-04 22:48:34.964: WARN/dalvikvm(5192): threadid=15: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4001e578)
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192): FATAL EXCEPTION: TextureLoad
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192): java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     at
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     at
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     at
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     at$900(
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     at$TextureLoadThread.load(
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     at$
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192): Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load bmpcnv: findLibrary returned null
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary(
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     at java.lang.System.loadLibrary(
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     at com.sonyericsson.swiqi.BitmapConverter.<clinit>(
01-04 22:48:34.969: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(5192):     ... 6 more
01-04 22:48:34.969: WARN/ActivityManager(812):   Force finishing activity

and, that's all. feedbacks and questions are welcomed



The file attached below is an unfinished demo resulted from a feasibility study for integrating Samsung Gallery3D application and Sony Bravia Engine, and is provided for educational and research purposes only. This demo is solely to describe and explain how to implement the engine with the Samsung Android Gallery application, and is only intended for demonstrating the outputs produced by Samsung Gallery3D application with Sony Bravia Engine on the Android platform. It is, however, in no ways or by no means to be used on a daily basis, nor to be used for any commerical purpose, and it is not supposed to be distributed or published in any kind.

Samsung Gallery3D, Sony Bravia Engine, Android and all other trademarks mentioned belong to their respective owners.


The file(s) attached are provided as is and for demo only. You should pay attention to the laws in your country or region, whichever and wherever applicable. You have to make sure you are not offended by downloading, accessing, transmitting, using, or in any other way utilizing any material contained in the file(s). You further understand and acknowledge are legally able to use or access the material(s) according to the laws in your country or region, and agree to waive, and hereby do waive, any legal or equitable rights or remedies you have or may have against me, regarding all matters related to your use of the file(s).

I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damages, including bricked phones, partial or total loss of data resulting from the use of the file(s) contained, in all kinds and/or by any means, caused by using or accessing the file(s)/material(s), including problems caused by the file(s) and/or by third parties. You shall be solely responsible for the consequences of using or accessing the material(s) and I will not be held responsible in the event any charges, including but not limited to civil and criminal charges, be brought against any individuals using the material(s) contained in this post and or attachment(s).

By clicking on the link below you agree to all the terms and conditions described above, and fully understand the risks involved for using or accessing any materials found here, and agree to assume and take on all of the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with this yourself.

download link: Gallery3DSBEDemo (in CWM zip)

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  1. Thanks ,ykk five.

  2. Thank you. Will try this today after work.

  3. confimred working on SGS2 2.3.4. If you open a picture first, switch to any other app and then back to the Gallery by long pressing home button, you can even see the effects being applied to the picture the instant Gallery app is brought back to front. Thank you!!

  4. dear ykk_five,

    Im a bit curious with installation step 1 via CWM. I just enter the CWM recovery mode then flash the file, then reboot as usual. When my phone boot up, I manually check inside system/app folder using root explorer seems like the date for Gallery3D.apk is not the same date inside your zip file which is Gallery3D.apk = 14/01/2012. I couldn't remember what is the date so i just overwrite Gallery3D.apk manually as per in step 2. Is it Im doing any wrong?

  5. hi, i believe u have a rooted phone, rite? if u r in doubt, since u have root explorer, u can extract the zip in root explorer and then read the file date and size. also, u can manually copy the apk file into /system/app folder if it differs from what u have. be sure to change the system to rw permission 1st

  6. not able to download file from 4shared. can you re-upload it elsewhere? Am on GB 2.3.6 (rooter+CWM)

    1. hi, sorry about that. i don know what happened actually on 4shared. they moved all files to trash months ago, and now i found the file is renamed. anyway, i fixed the filename and download is ok now

  7. can you upload sony gallery ?

    1. sorry, it's long time ago and i did not keep it since i didnt own a sony device before

  8. you can tell way to make bravia engine work for other gallery i have oppo x909 and now i try to port x10 gallery without mod bravia engine will work ?

    1. since android 4.2 it is more complicated to port the bravia engine and i yet to port it completely. but if your device is 4.1.2 then it should be easier. so what is yours running?

    2. i have 4.2.2 but i have 4.1.1 too. can i port you bravia engine from this blog to my device ?and you tell me you use x10 gallery i success port it to my device but bravia engine not work at all. after that i know x10 don't have bravia engine. are you modifire it ? why it work on your device ?

    3. feel free to port it if you will give me a credit :D !! for the x10 gallery... oh, took me 10 mins to look for my backup files.... if i remember correctly, it should be taken from x10i_3.0.1.G.0.75-HK-Generic-1234-6286. but up to now, i still have no idea how to read the rom version for xperia correctly. is it x10 or x10i? and yes, i think i had modified something or otherwise it wouldnt work on my galaxy 2

    4. Sure for credit :3 but can u help me to port it to my gallery ? i will decompile it and sent it to u

    5. have you take a look at mine already?

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