10 December, 2011

is Sony Bravia Engine really working with SGS2 and other Android devices?

UPDATE7: more Bravia Engine screenshots marked with differences

UPDATE6: SGS2 ICS 4.0.3 Sony Bravia Engine demo with wallpaper rendering available

UPDATE5: now with wallpaper enhancements - SGS2 wallpaper Sony Bravia Engine demo

UPDATE4: SGS2 Gallery Sony Bravia Engine demo

UPDATE3: more screenshots here SGS2 Gallery3D with Sony Bravia Engine previews

UPDATE2: it now works with stock gallery IT WORKS!! Sony Bravia Engine and Samsung Galaxy S2 with stock Gallery3D

UPDATE: good news some good news for Sony Bravia Engine and Samsung Galaxy S2

i started to doubt about the Bravia stuff after i posted it days ago, i asked myself some questions:

- how can the engine work with the properties in prop file alone?
- without any library files or apps, what makes the engine to load the be_movie and be_photo file?
- if this trick really works, then the engine should be known by the Android system in advance or being part of it. does it?

unfortunately, it looks like we were all misled by the brand name - Sony, we believed their technologies in display units are better ... i must admit that i was one of them

I searched for the Sony Bravia Engine thing and found that we need at least two more lib files to start the engine: and, which should be come with Android devices made by Sony

moreover, it is likely that, without an proper application, these lib files wont be loaded into our Android system

as a result, it means that, the Bravia Engine was not working with our SGS2 before, at least for now

please accept my sincere apologies

PS if you followed my installation steps, it is safe to remove the files with the instructions stated in my previous post and it should not do any harm to your system

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