15 December, 2011

IT WORKS!! Sony Bravia Engine and Samsung Galaxy S2 with stock Gallery3D

UPDATE5: more Bravia Engine screenshots marked with differences

UPDATE4: SGS2 ICS 4.0.3 Sony Bravia Engine demo with wallpaper rendering available

UPDATE3: now with wallpaper enhancements - SGS2 wallpaper Sony Bravia Engine demo

UPDATE2: SGS2 Gallery Sony Bravia Engine demo

UPDATE: more screenshots here SGS2 Gallery3D with Sony Bravia Engine previews

i am glad to tell u guys that i have employed the Sony Bravia Engine into SGS2 with Samsung stock Gallery3D!

1/. stock gallery3D (left) vs stock gallery3D with Sony Bravia Engine (right)

more details and screen captures soon :D

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  1. Hey there, I'm Eaglerazor123 Dev of Infected Rom for GS2 from XDA. Absolutely great work mate!! :) Can i have the details of port/changes so that i can implement it in my next version slated for friday.! :) Awaiting Reply!

  2. hi M@X,

    right now it's a mess on my phone coz it's filled with files from sony's rom since i wanted to see if it's feasible to integrate the bravia engine into samsung's galaxy3D asap without any dependency problems. more, i've hardcoded and forced it to be process the images by the engine

    however, i am deeply disappointed since my threads on xda were deleted this morning without any notice before or after the deletion. i'm still waiting reply from the moderators telling me what's happened

    to be frank, i am in bad mood and i postponed the development for the mod today. i am so sorry about that ... but even i kept working, i don think i can trim them down (the files) by this weekend.

    anyway, i'll keep u guys informed and thanks for your decision to implement it in your rom


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