08 December, 2011

Galaxy S2 with Sony Bravia Engine

working Sony Bravia Engine
UPDATE1: is Sony Bravia Engine really working with SGS2 and other Android devices?
UPDATE2: SGS2 Gallery Sony Bravia Engine demo
UPDATE3: SGS2 ICS 4.0.3 Sony Bravia Engine demo

NOTE: discard the contents below as it contains incorrect and misleading information for a fake mod

however, if you followed my installation steps, it is safe to remove the files with the instructions stated below and it should not do any harm to your system

for more information, pleas read this

the graphic engine used by some Sony Android mobile devices, aka Sony Bravia Engine, has been ported to SGS2 by GadgetCheck, a XDA member.

it is basically a new set of data for fine tunning the qualities of the graphics shown on your screen with another approach. the differences can be seen quite easily when you are viewing photos, where the sharpnesses are increased together with more realistic object layers (not yet tested with movies, although some said the quality for playing HD movies looks good)

the installation is easy enough as well as rolling back to your existing files. simply download the zip file here and then put the files, be_movie and be_photo, into /system/etc/

now, one more step needs to be done in order to turn this engine on. i suggest u to create a file named local.prop and put it under /data directory, although GadgetCheck suggested to add the lines into /system/build.prop instead. one reason for putting the required lines (or properties) in /data/local.prop is that it will be much easier for normal user to edit a file under /data rather then the /system directory, where the /data/local.prop will be loaded during system boot up process as well

below shows the lines required to switch on the Bravia engine:

#Sony Bravia Engine Service (this line is a remark only)

another reason for putting these lines in /data/local.prop is, in case you want to roll back to previous settings, just delete the local.prop if it didnt exist before, or by editing the file again, followed by removing the be_movie and be_photo from /system/etc and reboot the phone

the original post in XDA can be found here

again, PLS DO A BACKUP 1st!!

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