05 December, 2011

force close with JKay Deluxe? try this trick to fix it

just helped my friend to solve his problem. he installed JKay Deluxe 13.2 but he got FC (force close) everytime he pressed the icon. after reading the log file, i tried to see where the problem lies. i decompressed the apk and read the source code in smali and found that the null pointer exception at line 1976 (or DeluxeSettings$updateSysUI.smali) was caused by the missing 'next_alarm_formatted' entry in the system table, found at /data/data/ the lines try to read the value of 'next_alarm_formatted' but not handling null value (missing entry). i then added back an entry with empty value to the database and now it works like a charm!

so if you r facing with similar problem, take a look at your log by ddms (aka dalvik debug monitor) or by adb with the following command if you have the logger module loaded (logger.ko):

adb shell logcat -d | grep jkaysoft

if you find something like:
W/WindowManager( 3342): Window Window{4053d140 Starting com.jkaysoft.gingertheme paused=false} destroyed surface Surface(name=Starting com.jkaysoft.gingertheme, identity=-1, mNativeSurface=0), session Session{407ca078 uid 1000}
E/AndroidRuntime(10191): at com.jkaysoft.gingertheme.DeluxeSettings$

then u can easily trace the missing entry at line 1976 (not exactly at line 1976, search for '.line 1976' instead), if you r comfortable with editing or reading the smali files, and add it back to the db with sqlite

anyway, i will report the problem to _JKay_ so just be patient if u dono how to fix it or don wanna read the smali files

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