29 January, 2013

Galaxy S3 Tablet UI multi windows per app dpi preview updates

multi windows (up to 4) and native per app dpi added to Galaxy S3 stock Touchwiz tablet mode (TW launcher)

i have been working on this for so long but yet to release anything but screenshots (i know that). i am just a human, with two hands, one brain, but lots of ideas and things wanna mod, including the real bravia engine of course. so...

anyway, below shows the recent updates. hope you will like it

multi tasking in windows at 240dpi
3 apps running in portrait mode 4 apps running in portrait mode
3 apps running in landscape mode 4 apps running in landscape mode
home screen widgets at 240dpi
bookmark and messaging widget in landscape mode S Memo and task widget in landscape mode
clock, task, video and S Memo widget in portrait mode
home screen with 8 hotseats (can be more) at 240dpi
hotseat/dock shortcuts in portrait mode hotseat/dock shortcuts in landscape mode
stock browser in tablet mode at 220dpi
browser with tabs bookmark tab with thumbnails
other app at 192dpi
root explorer at 192dpi

Galaxy S3 I9300 tablet mode - TabletUI at 220 dpi preview
Galaxy Note ICS TwLauncher tablet mode preview

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