29 April, 2012

Galaxy Note ICS TwLauncher tablet mode preview

this is a modded Samsung ICS touchwiz launcher in tablet mode or tabletui for the Galaxy Note based on the leaked Chinese I9220 ZCLP6 Android 4.0.3 rom. all modifications were baesd on original Samsung files so it is a pure stock SGN TW launcher tablet mode experience in 212 dpi

i started this mod for an very attractive US$680 bounty for AT&T SGH-I717 initially, but my phone was not repaired yet and thus missed the chance to win the bounty. actually it is no fun to work with the smali files at all, so i stopped modding it after finishing the navbar part as the final piece of the puzzle

below are some of the screenshots

twlauncher untouched with 240 dpi

default ICS power off confirmation

stock ICS twlauncher menu

navbar added with 212 dpi

SPlanner widget works with Samsung TwLauncher (looks a bit weird atm)

popup menu for settings in navbar

settings in split mode

settings popup menu in landscape mode

SMemo widget running properly with Samsung TwLauncher

Galaxy S3 Tablet UI multi windows per app dpi preview updates
Galaxy S3 I9300 tablet mode - TabletUI at 220 dpi preview

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  1. Hi ykkfive,
    are you still working on this?
    I've been looking for a ROM like this one for quite a while. And it seems that that's the only one. I'm using a PA-Rom at the moment but I'm missing some TW-Apps.
    Or did you definately finish modding?
    Greetings, Khoon

    1. hi khoon,

      i just restarted this mod again couple of days ago after recovering some data loss on my computers. however, i do not own a galaxy note anymore. so probably i have to finish it on my s3 first, and then i will see if i can make one for galaxy note later. sorry about that


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