08 June, 2012

Galaxy S3 I9300 tablet mode - TabletUI at 220 dpi preview

just started to mod the tablet ui for Samsung Galaxy S III TouchWiz Home, the stock TWLauncher comes with S3 on I9300ZSALED Android 4.0.4. it is still in early alpha stage at 220 dpi and is forced to show the tabletui

some screenshots

quick settings from navigation bar at 220 dpi

stock keyboard at 220 dpi

split view settings in portrait mode

Google Play Store (Market) in portrait mode

Google Play Store (Market) in landscape mode

showing recent apps while playing a movie in a popup screen

stock browser

keyboard in landscape mode

quick settings in landscape mode

split view settings in landscape mode

Galaxy S3 Tablet UI multi windows per app dpi preview updates
Galaxy Note ICS TwLauncher tablet mode preview

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  1. Hey,

    its a very nice Modification, can you make it public? i would love to see that on my S3. :)



    1. thanks. i am still working on this, which is likely to be published in my first rom

  2. Any Progress?
    Iam looking every day, but no news til now. :(



    1. hi

      sorry about that. there are too many things i have to take care of than what i thought. and soon after i was preparing to make it beta, samsung released the 2nd version of 4.0.4 rom together with new sources. so i have to redo all the changes again with the new rom

      however, i can tell u it's a success and i have been using it for weeks with minor problems (design-wise). more, i don want to make it public with improper logics or designs. i wanna make it better in some more areas

      finally, thanks a lot for your interest and support. it's been a month since your last comment and i am really surprised to hear from you again

    2. Hi,

      good to hear that.

      I really like the look of tablet mode UI.
      Do you need any help in beta testing or something like that?

      As far as i know, this mod/rom seems to be the only one with tablet ui and all stock rom features. I could use ParanoidAndroid but then i would lose some apps, which i dont want to miss, apps like S Planner.

      Anyhow, thanks for your quick replys. :)



    3. hi

      me 2, i am loving the tablet mode since the first time i used it on my galaxy note and i cannot live without it :D

      yes, atm, this is the only one. and, for some reasons, i prefer to mod one myself rather than switching to paranoid

      it will be great if someone give me a hand to perform some tests and debugging for me coz it is very time consuming to reboot or soft reboot the phone each time i want to see the effect after changes. however, it requires some knowledge in case of FC loops, etc so that's why i prefer to do it myself

      anyway, thanks a lot, mate

  3. Hi fiveykk,

    I really think your rom can become a must have! Me and a friend trying a lot of mods to get your result but without success. We could be two warned tester and more if you need !

    1. hi, thanks for your willingness to help.
      i am trying to solve a problem at the moment which, although it is fine for private use, normal users may be frustrated by the problem. so i have fix it before releasing it as a beta
      actually it works with different dpi and i set it to 260dpi by default since it is easier to read and tap, with the exception of the browser and root explorer which is set to 240 and 220dpi respectively

      again, thank you for your support. and i hope that i can fix the problem soon

  4. so, i really love the tablet ui and this is the first i see of it with touchwiz and i really love it allready, what are the name of this amazing rom you are talking about? i just have to know! please pm me on g+

    1. hi, it's not yet released. I'm migrating my pc and server atm so it will take a few more days before I can resume the project

  5. ah okey, thank you for the heads up, relly looking forward to this since i miss the tablet mode :-). Keep this awesome work up!

  6. is it posible to send me those modified files so that i could use them in my s3? would love to have that tablet mode, really dont like the paranoid since it is aokp and everything isnt working such as fm radio and mhl. i use those features alot would love to try this, and if it does help you i could be a tester. Thanks in advance. BTW Swe?

  7. i am afraid not coz some files need further changes, which u will need to decompile them first.
    sorry for the delays but my pcs have hw problems and i am waiting for the suppliers to fix them


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