20 March, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note with Sony Bravia Engine coming soon

UPDATE: Galaxy Note with Sony Bravia Engine Demo

the Gallery Sony Bravia Engine mod for SGN N7000 will be available later tonite HKT. this mod makes it possible to render images with Sony Bravia Engine's implementation, which increases the sharpness, contrast, levels and so forth of the images and produces better outputs

it is based on the newest Android 2.3.6 rom N7000XXLC1, which should be compatible for ex-XXLC1 roms also. and wallpaper rendering is added as well into this mod

Samsung Gallery3D Original Samsung Gallery3D with
Sony Bravia Engine

more screenshots will be added later

note that this is not the one which regarded as fake and was shipped with almost every roms before in the SGS2 and other forums. for those who in doubt or want to know how and why my mod works but not others that simply tell u to edit the prop files, read my post about this issue below and u will have a totally different conclusion:
is Sony Bravia Engine really working with SGS2 and other Android devices?

for reference, please refer to my previous posts below about the Sony Bravia Engine Gallery3D demo for SGS2:
SGS2 Gallery3D with Sony Bravia Engine previews
SGS2 wallpaper Sony Bravia Engine demo
SGS2 ICS 4.0.3 Sony Bravia Engine demo
more Bravia Engine screenshots marked with differences

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