11 September, 2012

another reason why Apple sued Samsung - could it be ...

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Samsung announced their flagship Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, aka SIII or SGS3, that 20 million devices have been sold since launched 100 days ago. yes, 20 million devices in just 100 days, that is 200000 per day!

couple of days before, the giant announced the Galaxy S3 is going to have some more reinforcements in different colors: black, brown, grey and red, in order to attrack more customers to push up the sales figures. on the other hand, it looks like that they wanted to make it clear to some die hard Apple fans to "wake up", which was the slogan used by a group of protesters and advertising agencies outside an Apple store in Australia

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the korean giant once again show the world that they are so confident with the SGS3, both in the past and future. back in May actually, they claimed 10 million devices would be sold before August at the launch day. and in fact, this Galaxy S3 has become their quickest selling device in history

so, could it be... imagine that Samsung just like a goal machine now as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who scored 40 something a season ...

i remember very clearly what happened a few years ago when i was on my way home by the mass transit during the peak hours. it was so crowed and i suddendly found i was surrounded by six people and everyone was holding an iphone, while i was the only alien who got a phone from Mars on my hand, my first Android device - the Galaxy S

but now, the story has changed ...

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