03 April, 2012

second ICS beta ZCLP5 leaked for Galaxy Note (I9220)

another beta Android ICS 4.0.3 rom leaked for I9220, aka the Chinese version of Galaxy Note N7000. this LP5 kernel detects the CPU frequency at 1400 MHz correctly when installed on the SGN N7000, unlike the previous beta that run at 1200 MHz only

it is reported that ZCLP5 is superior to the first beta ZCLP1 in many aspects, with the exception that the camera doesnt work properly

some screenshots from a Chinese forum:

below is a part of the build.prop: Mar 26 23:37:13 KST 2012

although the I9220ZCLP5 is not targeted for N7000, it can be flashed on our Samsung Galaxy Note. pay attention when you are going to flash it on N7000 since it may brick your SGN if incompatible images are flashed. this is because, although the I9220 is very similar to the N7000, there are some differences in hardware, design and so forth actually. flashing an incorrect or incompatible rom is one of the main reasons for bricking your phone in general.

fortunately, Chainfire, an active member on the XDA developer forum, repacked the rom for N7000 and provided a guide to install it with details. interested parties can take a look at this post for more details. of course, for those advanced users, it wont be difficult to put it on your SGN

some of the download links and mirrors:
link 1
link 2
link 3 (in Chinese)

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