01 January, 2012

official SGS2 ICS rom leaked - I9100XXKP4 and I9100XXKP8

two new Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS roms leaked - I9100XXKP4 and I9100XXKP8. XXKP4 is a 4.0.1 while XXKP8 is a 4.0.8 with code OXAKP8. the 2 ICS, aka Ice-Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0 roms, are supposed to be internal beta releases. reports claim the XXKP8 is stable enough with minor problems, and the camera, haptic feedback, backlight buttons etc are all working fine plus the modem signal is better than XXKP1 and XXKP2 leaked before.

a movie clip provided by SamsungFirmwares showing I9100XXKP8 Android 4.0.3

what's more is, you don have to worry about the warranty thing if you opt not to root the phone since the KP8, and perhaps KP4 also, can be flased with odin without increasing the flash counter (the reason behind is, since they r official roms, therefore the counter wont change).

for those advanced users, it should be easily rooted as before

below are some of the download links for XXKP8 found on the xda forum:
link 1
link 2 (password:

they are not uploaded by me so all credits should go to those ppl who provide the links

enjoy your ice cream sandwich!

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