30 September, 2011

switch to another modem version without recovery

This is actually part of my freeNANDmod for the Samsung Galaxy S I9000. However, I would like to introduce this trick to all Samsung Galaxy SII I9100 users too.

The only difference is, for I9000, /dev/block/bml12 is used for holding the modem.bin file, while for I9100, it's /dev/block/mmcblk0p8.

In order to do the trick, put a modem file somewhere, say /data/modem/modem.bin, and create a symlink to it like the example below:

for I9000
ln -s /data/modem/modem.bin /dev/block/bml12

for I9100
ln -s /data/modem/modem.bin /dev/block/mmcblk0p8

Put it in a script file and place it under your init.d, usually /etc/init.d (or /system/etc/init.d), and it is suggested to name it with prefix 00 (zero zero) like 00-load-modem so that it can be executed first since scripts in init.d are executed in sequential order.

A sample init script should look like:

for I9000
rm /dev/block/bml12; ln -s /data/modem/modem.bin /dev/block/bml12

for I9100
rm /dev/block/mmcblk0p8; ln -s /data/modem/modem.bin /dev/block/mmcblk0p8

The "rm /dev/block/bml12" or "rm /dev/block/mmcblk0p8" command is used to remove the block device bml12 or mmcblk0p8 created by the system during init. You have to remove it first before you can create a symlink with the same name.

To see if it run correctly, put another version of modem instead of the one already on your phone to /data/modem/modem.bin after the init script is created. Reboot your phone and type *#1234# in the dialpad, you should see the new modem version is in use now. Note that after you have replaced the /data/modem/modem.bin with another modem, you'll need to reboot the phone.

So if you want to, you can place different versions of modem.bin file in /data/modem/ and symlink to modem.bin or overwritting it by copy and paste.

reference to my post: freeNANDmod - get more space from NAND - PART IV

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  1. will this work on Galaxy S II LTE or samsung tab 10.1?


    1. i think so, but u need to chg the partitions accordingly from /dev/block/mmcblk0p8 to something


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