06 July, 2011

JVQ Browser lag quick fix

i'm too frustrated with samsung's stock browser since JP6, and the deodexed one from JVQ is totally rubbish. it's sooooo lag that i've to wait for 2 seconds after each scroll

so, after studying some great posts in xda, i've modded a deodexed JVQ browser with all the lag things disappeared. now it just perform like what it used to be, u can scroll from the top to the bottom of the page with 1 single scroll. HOWEVER, i cannot say it's 100% bugs-free

so, USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS!! and remember to do BACKUP!

installation (for deodexed rom):
simply remove the existing Browser.apk from /system/app, and put this one there

PS you may notice some strange thing when u start this modded browser for the 1st time like a blank page is shown or cant scroll the page. just reload the page or restart the browser will do

NOTICE to all users:
- this is a one-off mod and it is not supposed to have any further modifications/adjustments

NOTICE to modders/developers:
- if u want to keep this alive or help to maintain this mod, etc, feel free to ask for the trick in xda

you can get it here

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