30 March, 2011

Firefox 4 for Android is out

just a few days after the release of their RC, Firefox 4 for Android finally out!

for general users, it may disappoint you coz it does not support flash. but for some other users like me, who don prefer auto loading flash movies, it doesnt matter

although it stopped responding for the first run with 3 tabs opened, FF4 loaded and reloaded web pages a bit faster then the stock browser (I9000XWJS8). however, the scolling is much slower (on my SGS)

perhaps the most interesting functions are the built-in sync and add-ons capabilities. i had not try these 2 functions yet and instead, i reconfigured the memory and cache settings in config to see how it affects the performance

one more thing to mention, for those who hate reloading the page everytime u go to the previous page like the stock one, FF4 could be a better option

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