13 January, 2011

boot up Samsung Galaxy S I9000 in 19 seconds

Galaxy S I9000 2.2.1 JPY with my mods and lag fix
- boots up in 19 secs
- no overclock, stock cpu frequency
- lightening fast to open and scroll 1000 sms messages
- 353 mb available memory

watch original movie clip in youtube

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  1. so how did u do this ? i mean how did u have 111 mb only used ram after booting up ? im on froyo 2.2.1 with voodoo kernel 5.5 .. i ve done the ext4 lagfix for all partitions ..

  2. try remove some useless apps from the system (read my blog post for what can be deleted safely) 1st, also, u'll need a kernel with more available memory around 33x mb free

  3. Great post. I like your idea. Thanks for sharing. galaxys s 3


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