09 November, 2010

switch modem anytime anywhere

i made this little just for testing with different modems anytime i want to, so it may be useless to most of u guys but i think some ppl may need it in some cases

the attached is ONLY a skeleton, the modem file inside the zip is an empty file

- open the file and drag the modem.bin u want to flash in the zip and replace the zero size modem.bin in it (no need to chg other files), close the zip and that's all
- make copies of zip file for different modems if u wish (sorry but no time to make fancy file selection at the moment)
- flash the modem by selecting ur desire modem in cwm under /sdcard (pls refer to cwm page for how-to)
- no need to worry about recovery2e or 3x coz as long as u can run cwm, u r with recovery2e (or others in the future)

so possibilily, u can have,, and so forth

and for me, i've the following files on my sdcard:

- provides a way to let u switch modem if u suspects the modem causes problems
- see if u can find the best modem for u

- the modem will be flashed with redbend_ua, a direct write to ur phone's /dev/block/bml12

Note: ur phone will flick 2 or 3 times during flash

WARNING: i tested it on my phone with JPx, froyo 2.2 on galaxy i9000 only. I cannot say it's 100% safe although i flashed my phone a lot of times, so use it at your own risks

Also note that there will be NO updates in the future

EDIT: the redbend_ua is taken from somwhere, all credits go to the modder

more info

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