02 November, 2011

increase browser font size mod RC1 (change text size)

UPDATE: Galaxy S3 browser default storage not saved bug fix

- this is a modded version of deodexed stock Browser.apk for I9100 which allows users to change or increase the default font size (text size) in the browser
- based on the one included in DlevROM2_2.1_KI3 by Dlev7 with user agent option
- just replace the Browser.apk under /system/app/ with the one attached

RC1 - 201111020139HKT
- tested on "my modded KI8" without problem
- since i have other modifications to my rom and kernel, it's POSSIBLE that IT MAY NOT run properly on yours
- ATM, it is suggested that normal users to wait for the feedbacks from other users before installing it
- kindly PLEASE REPORT it here or on my blog, telling me and others if it works, thx a lot!!

- allow to set font size under settings in the browser

- always do a BACKUP first!!
- feel free to port it or make further enhancements like seekbar, etc
- if u r going to port it or include this mod to your rom, kindly pls put a link to this page for statistic purpose
- if u like this mod/my works, please consider a small donations, and/or by visiting my blog @ more often :D

Browser.apk - RC1

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